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October 14, 2016 in Halloween, Harry Potter

harry_potterPottermonth: A month where you read all the Harry Potter Books generally in October to celebrate the anniversary of the attack on Harry and his family at Godrick’s Hollow, Halloween 1991.

There was always something that always appealed to me about Harry Potter. It was as though I was looking in the window of a great castle that I couldn’t enter until I was ready and prepared.

Harry Potter is an adventure and a phenomenon (frankly it still is.) I had not read all the books, or actually any of the books, besides short passages with some of my children. Howgwarts was always a place that I had wanted to visit. JK Rowling is a genius. Read the books for proof.

So (in honor of Harry,) I decided to read them all. It took me about a month to make it through all the books. What a thrill to learn all about about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the great battle between love and evil.

Everything is there for young and old readers alike, the great characters, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore. You just root for them against the forces of “he cannot be named” and the Death Eaters are just so mean. But Draco Malfoy isn’t all bad in the end. The books are epic and universal.

There are important lessons in Harry Potter. Here are Ten.

Courage and Friendship are the highest virtues, and Love comes in a close third.

Keep smart and loyal friends and family close.

Be kind and fair. Especially to House Elves and Goblins.

It’s doesn’t hurt to be invisible and carry a magic map.

You can’t know everything at once and you can’t know everything all the time.

Bad things happen to good Wizards.

Good things happen to great Wizards.

You got to fight for your right to be free.

Never give up up on Neville.

Now I am going to see if the films are as good as the books. If you have a great passage or memory of harry potter please share it with us. Expelliarmos!

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