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Christmas 2010 Literary Traveler

December 2, 2010 in A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Christmas Literary Traveler, Historic Hudson Valley, Holidays Literary Traveler, Washington Irving

Illustration by John LeechIt’s the Christmas season at Literary Traveler.  I’m personally very excited because I’ll be attending the first Christmas fair of the year this Saturday.  I’m going to the Evening Candlelight Tour at Washington Irving’s Sunnyside the weekend of December 11th.  Of course, I’ll write a blog post about it, so stay tuned!

In addition, we have two culturally-enriching Christmas articles for you.  The first is an oldie (but a goodie) on Who Wrote ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? A Literary Debate.  I actually wrote this article a few years ago, but it still resonates in my mind every time I hear the poem recited.  Is it a work of Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston Jr.?  Read to make your decision.

Our latest article is phenomenal.  Written by one of our best LT writers, Paul Millward, the article explores The Real Story Behind Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Did you know Scrooge is a representation of Dickens’ real father or that Dickens himself actually worked as a child laborer?  We promise you’ll never view A Christmas Carol in the same way again.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, always remember during the holiday season, it’s best to explore your literary imagination …

~ Happy Holidays ~

Francis & Linda McGovern, Founders of LT

Jennifer Ciotta, Network Editorial Director

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