James Patterson's Crime in Washington D.C.

January 20, 2011 in American literature, Crime Novels, washington d.c. travel

FBI Public DomainWhat crime has James Patterson committed?  None actually.  In fact, Patterson writes psychological thrillers rife with suspense and intrigue.  And he sets all of this crime and mayhem in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C.

Patterson is a major writer who has sold 16 million books in North America alone, and 170 million books worldwide.  In 2007, one out of every 15 hardcover books sold was written by Patterson.  He’s so popular, he’s even been a guest star on “The Simpsons” television show.  We’re talking about an author who can write and can sell.  A kind of crime-obsessed Stephen King, if you will.

Patterson is a hard guy to pin down though.  I personally went to research Patterson and there’s not a lot about him.  I know he lived in Newburgh, NY and graduated with a B.A. from Manhattan College–an unlikely place, since it’s a school known more for its science and engineering programs.  However, I wanted an article on Patterson for a while, so I looked to none other than David Silon, an old pro at LT writing.

David writes with a modern, straightforward yet literary style.  He can do sense of humor well as proven in his piece on Philip Roth, but in his Patterson article, he chose to be historical.  I had no idea had what David would write about Patterson, since there was hardly any information out there.  Yet he wisely devised a plan to discuss the crime and justice history of Washington D.C. and relate all of it to Patterson’s famous detective character Alex Cross.

And what you have as a result is our latest article:

Origins of Crime & Justice in James Patterson’s Washington D.C.


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